ELKRON MEDICA (LTD) for performing medical activities

ELKRON MEDICA LTD from Pula, Giardini 2, performs: special health protection care, diagnostic and medical rehabilitation (exept hospital treatment) from the field of: intenal medicine, ophtalmology, neurology, psychiatry, otorhinolaryngology, activities of general practicioners and home health care.

Consulting rooms are situated: Giardini 2/1 Pula

ELKRON MEDICA(LTD) Pula offers the following health services:

  • carry out about medical examination
  • carry out activity of medical work
  • carry out about medical examinations of: ophthamologist, neurologist, otoryngolgist, family medicine home care


  • carry out medical examination for employment
  • carry out medical examination for special work condition
  • carry out about periodic mediacal examination
  • carry out about medical examination on purpose of establishing medical ability of person who works on sources ionizing radiation
  • carry out about medical examination for enroll in high school
  • carry out about medical examination of drivers and determining their ability(category M,A1,A,B,B, E,C,C1,C1,E,D,D,E,F,G,H)
  • carry out about extraordinary examinations for drivers
  • carry out of general medical fitness of guardians
  • carry out about carrying of weapons
  • carry out of medical examinations of divers and seafarers

    You can pay in cash, bank transfer or credit card.
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    At ELKRON MEDICA we arrange for a private doctor to visit you at your location whether you are at hotel, camp, apartment or boat. We offer you blood testing, giving injections, mesuring blood pressure or prescribing medications.