The ELKRON company, (LTD) performs activities such as Safety at work, fire and noise protection, service and sales of fire extinguishers.

Activity of the ELKRON company (LTD) includes: trainings, examinations and issues of the following documents:

  • Akreditacija prema normi HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007measurment and prediction of noise levels, field measurements of airbone sound isolation between rooms and facade units and facades, impact sound insulation of floors (Laboratory for acoustic measurements accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025:2007),
  • testing of sounds insulation and vibration,
  • lock of audio devices,
  • high risk machinery and machines, newely imported weapons, working in safe enviroment according to regulations of safety at work.
  • electrical, lightening and ventilation installation.
  • air conditioning and cooling systems
  • monitoring the electrical installations
  • production of risk assessment based on the Law of Safety at work (Croatian Official Gazette number.75/09) and Role book of the risk assessment (Croatian Official Gazzette number.48/97)
  • acqisitions of adult education
  • training of staff to work in a safe manner
  • training of staff to provide First Aid
  • training of staff for receiving and resolving complaints according to dignity of workers
  • training of employees to work on the working machines
  • training of employees to implement the actions of evacuation and rescue
  • training of employees for activities of storages, flammable liquids and gases
  • commissioners staff traning (Safety at work, article.30)
  • training employer for welfare to work (Safety at work, article.26)
  • testing physical factors in work environment
  • testing chemical factors in work enviromnent
  • performing training of professionals for maintaining fire extinguishers
  • service activity and removing of colling and air conditionar systems
  • psychological practice- issues of approval for: drivers, employment, periodic review, annual survey, carrying of weapon, security guards, enrolls in the High school and University
  • testing the correctness of alarm systems and systems of shutdown
  • testing the correctness of alarm systems and detection presence of flammable gases and vapors.
  • private security activities: physical protection and technical protection
  • offering complete service for coordinating the work of your facility (Food law Official gazette, number. 46/07) and other regulations connected with HCCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • concluding contracts about management of residential building on Pula and Istria’s territory.
  • According to the Law, Safety at work and Regulations on safety at work on building and construction sites as well as rules on conditions and expertise for the appoontment of the coordinators at safety at work and examinations of vocational ability, we do jobs of coordinationing with investitors, chief coordinator and employer as coordinator of safety at work, phase of project-coordinator 1 and coorinator of safety at work under onstruction-coordinator 2.


  • Book of rules safety at work
  • Regulations of fire protection
  • Regulation at work (article.130. Labor law)
  • Plan of evacuating and rescuing
  • Plan of fire protection
  • Fire hazard assessment
  • Elaborate safety at work (creating projects for obtaining building permits)
  • Work plan for building sites and moving loads
  • Vulnerability assessments and plans of the population, material and cultural goods
  • Offers about servicing for PC equipment
  • Offers about servicing appliances PP (fire extinguishers) for 2011.

The company ELKRON( LTD ) according to certificate of approval: Croatian Register of Shipping

Confirmation number: 01-008035/015290 issued the 31 st of July 2009 performs activities:

  • review and maintaining of fire extinguishers on boats
  • review and maintaining of fire protection systems
  • review and maintaining of fire alarm on boats

Confirmation number: 01-008080/015290 issued the 30 th of September 2009

  • measurment noise on board ships

Confirmation number: 03-001178/015290 issued the 1 st of November 2009

  • insulation resistence of electrical installation
  • ELKRON (ltd) Performs activities of wholesale and retail for next companies:

    Tr Turoni

    ABA Arredamenti






    TRH Climatic Systems

    Brunetti Sedie









    DTF Europe


    Robot Coupe

    Emmedi Inox

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